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Beat Down By My Son
Posted December 19, 2008, 6:58 pm by Steve
Categories: Life, Video Games
My oldest son, Justin (Gladiator Ninja), and I recently had a one-vs-one Gears of War 2 battle championship. The rules were simple, the first gamer to win 2 games is crowned the Conard King of Gaming. Game 1 was an easy win for me, and I think impacted my confidence level. A fast and simple 3:1 scoreboard on a map pick out by my son. Next, I pick the map which didn’t seem to help. I lost 3:2. It was a good battle, however. The final game happened a few days later due to consecutive late nights at work. The concluding match was an extended event – the first player to 5 wins the competition. The rounds were pretty evenly split between the two of us leading up to 4:4. The final champion-determining battle was an intense 5 minute struggle for both of us. Despite near victories the round ended in a stalemate. The standoff round started and ended quick. Both of us coincidently roadie run for the sniper rifle laying in the top center floor of an elevate platform with stairs leading to it on both sides. I noticed him hiding behind a large pillar adjacent to the sniper gun. Thinking I was unnoticed I switch from my mid-range assault rifle (Lancer) to a close quarter combat shotgun. Two blasts from this up-close should crown me the king. I roll out in front of him landing a shotgun blast direct into his chest. He returns the favor almost in-sync with my shot resulting in over half my health being instantly drained on impact. I immediately start to fire off my finishing round and am fully ready to claim my victory. As my finger pulls down on the trigger I’m caught off guard by a quick melee attack from the butt of his rifle rendering me incapable of fighting and bleeding out. By my own son! I couldn’t even bare to watch how he finished me off. His reward – Xbox 360 jammie bottoms. My punishment – getting beat down by a near-11-year-old. Expect a full rematch soon!
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