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Addictions: Do They Run In My Family?
Posted September 25, 2008, 1:02 am by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life

Some say I have an addiction or a bad obsession is more like it - according to them. They said my once casual practice has manifested itself to an excessive overuse or full blown disorder. There are claims I will isolate myself from social contact and focus almost entirely on my addiction rather than life events. I donít believe this entirely to be true, as the fact is sometimes, most of the time, members of my family are in the same room as me. They watch as I feed this need, for countless hours, being there with me during my different emotional states.

The concern isnít for me so much as it is for my family. It started only a few months back. My youngest son, Jacob, came to me with an untamed look spread across his face. We talked and he explained his current situation and feelings based on his recent actions. His explanation was a near identical match to both my physical state and emotional condition when I fall victim to this addiction.

Is this a genetic disease which results in a persistent use despite possible negative consequences that I can pass down to my children? I do not know. This will need to be researched more to identify an educated conclusion. I will end this post with a definition of this so-called addiction of mine, and possibly my childrenís:

Cheevos or achievies (officially known as Xbox 360 Achievements). These are accumulated points that total a Xbox Live userís Gamerscore. Similar to the old school arcades from back in the day when players would enter their initials (or a 3-letter profanity) next to their score which is displayed in the gameís leaderboard or top 10. Cheevos are awarded for completion of game-specific challenges, such as killing a certain amount of players in an online match or beating a boss battle.

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