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Blu-ray Player Inbound
Posted June 12, 2008, 11:29 am by Steve
Categories: Movies, Tech, Video Games

Iíve been wanting a Blu-ray player forever. Well, at least since the death of HD-DVD 6 months ago. So using my manly charm I was finally able to convince my lovely wife to invest in the hi-def format. Ok, that was a lie! I pretty much begged her with a bit of reasoning sprinkled in too. The $100 gift card Wal-mart was offering for free with purchase of a Blu-ray player definitely worked in my benefit.

What brand of Blu-ray player did I get? That was an easy decision. Itís the Blu-ray device with the biggest hi-def movie playback install base, fastest player, easy to upgrade the firmware, and also plays video games: the Playstation 3! Iíll have to pay extra attention now to my Xbox 360 as I donít want it thinking Iím cheating with its main competitor. In my mind, the Xbox 360 is for video games, media and movies. The Playstation 3 is for movies and maybe a video game here and there.

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