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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Achievements Reflect Intelligence, More
Posted January 28, 2008, 11:24 am by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life
The JEC Research and Marketing Firm (based in Santa Clarita, Calif.) conducted a 10 month study on the link between Microsoft’s Xbox 360 achievement system and an Xbox Live user’s intelligence. Achievement points are awarded for the completion of game-specific challenges, such as beating a level or amassing a specified number of wins against other players in Xbox Live matches. These points are accumulated by a user and totaled in their Gamerscore (denoted as ‘G’). Studies were conducted in 2007 spanning a 10 month period, using a range of 200 gamers, 70% male, aging between 14 and 40 all with various education levels. The results matrix clearly indicates the highest percentage of achievements accumulated belong to participants with extremely high IQs, while the average scores going towards mid-to-lower IQs. Additionally, results displayed in the top 5% of highest Gamerscores were all male, with not only ultra high IQ scores, but also superior philosophic and artistic talents. These individuals have an intense ability to use their knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance. Plus, highly impressive dexterity or coordination skills especially in deployment of learned physical and mental tasks. The other 95% were very less impressive with lower IQs, weak executions of most, if not all motor skills and high risks of dependencies on video game “cheating” to help elevate their own self worth. These “cheating” tactics were often demonstrated in poor attempts to win various events, such as illegally running a friendly opponent’s car off a race track during a multi-lap race or positioning their in-game character in front of a team mate allowing them to shoot an opponent while the team mate is block from firing off final rounds from their weapon that would have scored them points by eliminating their opponent resulting in an easy score for the “cheating” gamer.

Ok, that isn't a real article, but it doesn't mean it's not true!

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