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When Is Too Many Good Games A Bad Thing?
Posted August 6, 2007, 12:28 pm by Steve
Categories: Life, Video Games

There are so many good games coming out on Xbox 360 during the remainder of this year. It’s to the point where there are too many games resulting in the possibility that sacrifices will be made. I was going through IGN’s release dates and compiled a list of my must-have games:

Bioshock – August 21
Blue Dragon – August 28
Project Gotham Racing 4 – September 11
Halo 3 – September 25
Orange Box – October 9
Viva Piñata Party Animals – October 23
Mass Effect – November 1
Call Of Duty 4 – November 5
Assassin’s Creed – November 13

An average game takes me a least one month to complete just the campaign. For example, The Darkness, which is considered to be a short campaign, is unfinished after many weeks of ownership. The above list has, at minimum, 2 games coming out each month. Some will be very time consuming such as Mass Effect and Halo 3. Perhaps some will end up on my Xboxmas list and those surrendering may be Orange Box and Project Gotham Racing 4. Both Blue Dragon and Viva Piñata Party Animals are mostly for my son, Justin. Considering those solutions (or justifications for getting all of them) to this challenging game selection I feel confident I can realistically meet my gaming objectives for 4Q07. However, other titles under consideration are:

Two Worlds – August 21
Naruto – October 16
Ace Combat 6 – October 23
TimeShift – October 30
Army Of Two – November 13

If any of these possibilities score high on the game review matrix then it could cause major competition between my time and titles. Sleep will be boldly defied as my numb mind blasts its way through level after level of achievement unlocking and online carnage.

I know, dude! There are so many good games scheduled for next year too. BTW, how was Blue Dragon?
Posted September 11, 2007, 3:33 pm by Steve
man i completely agree it took me literally 62 hours to get every character on blue dragon to lv 99, anyways i have 17 or 18 games on pre-order at the moment for the rest of this year 8 of which are out in october and there's still a few i'm thinking about getting this year. But we go from 1 of the greatest second halves ever to possibly a golden year of video games with GTA4, prototype, force unleased, huxley, left 4 dead, fallout 3, conviction, unreal tournament 3, alone in the dark, halo wars, world in conflict, turok, too human the list goes on and on. When us gamers want better games we don't mean an over run of must have titles. I've literally spent $1500 or so just on games though
Posted September 11, 2007, 2:28 pm by ryan
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