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About My Movie Collection
Posted March 30, 2007, 1:58 pm by Steve
Categories: Movies, Life

There is a reason why I work in the entertainment industry - I love movies! I remember as a kid I was absolutely amazed when we got our first VCR and my parents joined a newly opened video rental store. I just couldnít believe we could now watch movies whenever we wanted, without commercials, at home. I always loved movies so this was a major deal in my life. Also, I loved going to the theater. Thereís something about the combined experience of the giant screen, dark theater, opening previews, popcorn, etc that I really enjoy. Iím the type of person that can just as easily see a movie at the theater with a friend or alone.

By the time I got my first job during high school and could actually buy movies I decided to wait for a better format then VHS. It was a hard decision because the next format didnít arrive for many, many years later. Every time I wanted to purchase a movie on VHS Iíd have to remind myself that eventually it will come out on a 'CD-like' disc. Laser discs to me where like albums, too big and clunky. Fortunately I didnít fall victim to the failing format. Once DVD hit around 1997 I rushed out buying a 1st generation DVD player with a 5.1 decoder built in for $600. That was about the time e-commerce started gaining popularity so finding online coupons was simple. Iíd buy DVDs just because I had a good coupon. Years later I still have unopened titles.

My DVD purchasing as slowed down over the years in anticipation of the next evolution of the format. Although the new HD formats are here, I believe they will have a short term lifespan when compared to DVD. The next logical step is digital distribution. However, with that being said I still bought the HD DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 and love it. Since the volume of my DVD collection is very high, Iíll focus on HD DVD, Blu-ray Discs and downloaded titles only here.

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