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Xbox 360 Number 4
Posted June 27, 2007, 11:45 am by Steve
Categories: Video Games

For the 3rd time my Xbox 360 has broke Ė now Iíll be playing on my 4th console since it launched. What makes this even more upsetting is I just got a malfunctioning unit replaced 8 days ago! Fortunate for Microsoft Iím a big fanboy of their console, operating systems, games and online services (i.e. Live). With that said, the option of switching camps to Playstation 3 is not even a considering factor (maybe if I didnít want to stress over which games to purchase out of the large selection of AAA titles coming out for the 360). To top off my frustration, the GameStop extended warranty Iíd have to repurchase each time Iíd return a unit at $50 a pop now requires the hard drive to be included with the exchange. That means everyone in my family loses all their saved games. My son would cry if his 80+ hours invested in Viva Pinata was lost, and I probably would too. Also, transferring saved game data to a memory unit does not work for all games since some data is DRM protected (like Forza 2 and Viva Pinata).

The issues with the GameStop warranty are 1) you have to buy a new one each time they replace a console since itís tied in with the unitís serial number and 2) you now have to exchange the entire package (hard drive, controller, cables, etc). The advantage is you get a brand new console and its same day service. The issues with the Xbox warranty are 1) more than likely they send you a refurbished unit and 2) itís about a 2 week process. The advantage is itís free for 1 year and you only have to send the console in, not your hard drive (unless they determine itís a hard drive issue). So which one?

Fortunately, GameStop will refund my recent warranty and I will start to use Xbox support instead. Itís not nearly as convenient but Iím tired of spending $50 on warranties especially with the new policy in place to return the hard drive. Iíll be sending my console in after this weekend so I can get some time with The Darkness which just came out yesterday. Hopefully my console will last that long.

Agree on the PS3 views. I haven't sent in my Xbox for repairs yet. I still have issues but I'm wanting to beat The Darkness first.
Posted July 9, 2007, 4:10 pm by Steve
As anyone who knows me can attest, I too am on my fourth console since launch. My first unit lasted till the first dashboard update and failed shortly afterwards with the RRoD. Sent it off and received my first refurb 4 weeks later and it was jacked up right out of the box. I could only play it off and on before it locked up so I limped through the weekend with it and sent it off again. My third console lasted till the end of November 06', and knock on wood my current refurb is still working as of today... M$ customer service leaves little to be desired. You never get you issue resolved on the first call and half the time you know more about policy and current events surrounding the console then the service rep does. Its a bum deal for sure but dropping $50 everytime your console craps out isn't going to cut it either. I agree with you on that one for sure. Once I received my current unit back I called M$ and bought the 2-year warranty. Not sure how the news of the three year factory extended warranty will affect that but I really don't care as long as I have a machine to game on. The 360 has the games I want to play and the online multi-player functionality I enjoy. The absolute only reason I'd ever buy a PS3 is for the Blu-Ray functionality. I really can't think of any PS3 titles not coming to the 360 that would be a system seller for me. GOOD LUCK!
Posted July 9, 2007, 2:22 pm by Chad
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