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With A Slip Of The Mouse
Posted April 5, 2007, 2:53 pm by Steve
Categories: Action Figures

My mouse slipped the other day while browsing an online merchant resulting in receiving an e-mail confirmation. Interesting enough, I decided to study the e-mail. It read as a purchase confirmation for a toy. A bit more research revealed it to be a toy of the action figure nature. This lead me to conduct a systematic search to acquire full knowledge of this unintentional message. The purchase order read one times a Hot Toys Aliens Drake 12-inch Fully Poseable Model Kit.

Considering additional figures in this series are already in personal possession and on display, I figured it to be best to learn from my mistake and pay for my slip-up. Fortunately, purchase price was $20 below retail for this involuntary mouse click. The online retailer will gain financially from my fault while my game room will lose a bit more real estate to house said action figure.

(Images from Sideshow Toys)

I hate it when you accidentally initiate an errant toy purchase. I guess its fortunate for you that this turned out to be a "happy accident" as this looks to be a really detailed figure worth the purchase price. I'm anxious to hear about the new Gameroom add-on thats surely in the works by now, right?
Posted July 9, 2007, 2:33 pm by Chad
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