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Halo Reach Pre-launch Checklist (117 To-do's)
Posted August 22, 2010, 5:21 pm by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life

The Halo Reach checklist for both Halo Reach Eve (September 13th, 2010) and Halo Reach Day (September 14th, 2010).

  1. Identify closest midnight release event at local game store
  2. Pre-order Halo Reach Legendary Edition
  3. Pay for Halo Reach Legendary Edition pre-order in full
  4. Take back-up photocopy of pre-order purchase receipt for game pickup
  5. Keep original pre-order receipt in wallet
  6. Place back-up photocopy in safe place
  7. Have credit card in wallet for emergency during midnight release event
  8. Keep cash in wallet in case credit card is needed and fails during midnight release event
  9. Review midnight release agenda with local game store manager
  10. Make sure phone number of file with local game store is correct (this is usually the primary method of pre-order identification)
  11. Make sure drivers license is in wallet (may get carded during game pick-up)
  12. Set out comfortable clothes for midnight release event
  13. Make sure car keys are placed in easy to remember location
  14. Place wallet in pocket of pants
  15. Fill pocket in pants to insure wallet is in there
  16. Set out extra set of clothes and clean-up supplies in case bodily discharge event happens during game (e.g. pee your pants from opening cinematic hotness)
  17. Pee before leaving for midnight release
  18. Avatar dressed in Halo attire
  19. Avatar has Halo-related prop
  20. Profile motto set to something Halo-related
  21. Xbox 360 dashboard theme set to a Premium Halo Theme
  22. All Bungie ViDocs downloaded to Xbox 360
  23. Watch all Bungie ViDocs
  24. Computer desktop wallpaper set to something Halo-related
  25. service record added to favorites
  26. Windows Live ID linked to service record
  27. Back-up copy of Halo Reach pre-ordered on Amazon with release-day delivery in the event primary copy gets damaged
  28. Identify secondary back-up vehicle incase primary vehicle has issues
  29. Maintenance tune-up complete in primary and secondary vehicle
  30. Gas tank is full in primary and secondary vehicle
  31. Battery charged in primary and secondary vehicle
  32. Tire pressure in primary and secondary vehicle at recommended PSI
  33. Insure tires in both primary and secondary vehicle are in good shape
  34. Back-up driver identified in case of broken leg or other injury that would prevent motor vehicle operation
  35. Favorite music selected for drive to local video game store
  36. Cell phone fully charged for midnight release event
  37. Cell phone drop-out zones identified on route to and from local video game store
  38. Quickest route to local game store mapped and tested for accuracy
  39. Traffic signal pattern memorized and accounted for during drive home to insure quickest return
  40. Speed limit memorized on various streets to and from local video game store
  41. Speed limit leveraged during travels, but not exceeded to avoid wasted time being pulled over by police
  42. Spouse or back-up drive trained in the case of immediate assistance needed (e.g. if a flat tire occurs on the way home from local game store, spouse should know to rush immediately to location and switch vehicles allowing game owner to continue home while spouse changes the flat)
  43. No Taco Bell or other stomach upsetting foods consumed within poop cycle’s time frame of Halo Reach Eve
  44. Insure Xbox Live Gold membership is not set to expire
  45. Profile set as default with auto-login enabled
  46. Controller fully charged
  47. New set of batteries ready just in case (package opened with battery units easily accessible)
  48. Controller already in-sync with Xbox 360 console
  49. Secondary controller available as back-up
  50. Secondary controller in-sync with Xbox 360 console
  51. Secondary controller fully charged
  52. Xbox Live headset charged and ready
  53. Any disc removed from console disc tray
  54. Correct audio/video inputs set on HDTV
  55. Correct audio/video inputs set on sound system
  56. Subwoofer powered on
  57. Audio levels set
  58. Speaker system tested for sweet spot
  59. If applicable, universal remote preset to activity for launching components
  60. Gaming area clean
  61. Display area ready for Legendary Edition’s McFarlane Noble Team statue
  62. House environmental conditions set to ideal level (e.g. AC/heater degrees)
  63. Sharp object, such as a knife, easily accessible for unboxing
  64. Arrangements made at work for absence (e.g. paid-time-off form submitted and approved)
  65. Electric bill paid
  66. Internet bill paid
  67. House payment paid
  68. DVD disc cleaning kit available if needed
  69. Internet speed test complete and at acceptable level
  70. IM set to “busy”
  71. IM nickname set to “I’m playing Halo Reach, leave me alone!”
  72. Ringer turned off on landline phone
  73. After home from game pick-up, cell phone powered off (anyone that needs to contact you should be playing Halo Reach online)
  74. Path and game station clear of obstacles that could distract from unboxing and playing
  75. Assortment of snacks purchased and laid out in organized fashion on kitchen table
  76. Caffeinated drinks purchased
  77. Caffeinated drinks in refrigerator 24-hours prior to Halo Reach Eve
  78. Coaster next to gaming station
  79.  Napkins ready for easy clean-up if snacking occurs
  80. Pre-made meals ready for consumption over next 24-hours
  81. If applicable, babysitter and back-up babysitter setup for next 24-hours
  82. If applicable, babysitter fees paid in advanced
  83. If applicable, spouse fully aware of agenda for midnight release
  84. If applicable, spouse also fully aware of activities surrounding next 24-hours
  85. “Do not disturb” sign on door to gaming room or front door of house if gaming in the living room
  86. Spare Xbox 360 on standby in case of RRoD of primary gaming console
  87. This checklist printed and pen available to check off to-dos in this checklist
  88. All meetings, weddings, family reunions, doctor’s appointments, school-related activates, work presentations, conference calls, etc canceled for next 24-hours
  89. Arrive at local game store for midnight release event hours early to secure spot at front of the line
  90. Pick up copy of Halo Reach Legendary Edition
  91. Do not talk to anyone after securing your copy of Halo Reach
  92. Move at a brisk pace immediately towards vehicle
  93. During return to car, attempt to conceal large Halo Reach Legendary Edition box to help prevent unlawful thoughts from surrounding civilians
  94. Return home
  95. Lock all doors to prevent theft of Halo Reach
  96. Power on entertainment system
  97. Pray for no RRoD
  98. Power on controller
  99. Be extremely delicate and careful during unboxing of Halo Reach Legendary Edition
  100. Remove Halo Reach game from custom ONI data module case
  101. Extract Halo Reach disc by pressing small, round DVD jewel case button
  102. Eject Xbox 360 disc tray
  103.  Insert Halo Reach disc into  Xbox 360 disc tray
  104. Close Xbox 360 disc tray
  105. Admire cool Xbox 360 dashboard Halo Reach game cover art
  106. Install Halo Reach
  107. When installation is less than 10%, bring cold drink and snacks into gaming area
  108. When installation is between 10-20%, look through game manual
  109. When installation is between 20-30%, set out bonus redemption cards
  110. When installation is between 30-40%, remove token perforated covers from redemption cards
  111. When installation is between 40-50%, go pee
  112. When installation is between 60-70%, set Noble Team statue in display area
  113. When installation is between 70-80%, examine other Legendary Edition goodies, like the Spartan II patch and ONI security badge
  114. When installation is between 80-90%, skim through Dr. Hasley’s personal notes and documents
  115. When installation is between 90-100%, close eyes, take deep breath and prepare for gaming bliss
  116. When installation is complete, launch game
  117. “Welcome to the last day of the rest of your life!”
New Laptop Incoming...
Posted March 2, 2010, 7:13 pm by Steve
Categories: Tech, Life

Finally decided to breakdown and buy a new laptop. For the first time in over a decade I’m buying a non-Dell system. Considering the issues with my last two Dell laptops going with a different manufacturer felt obvious. This time I’m trying HP. Here are the specifications:

HP Pavilion DV8T Quad Edition Notebook PC

  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • Intel Core i7-720QM Quad Core processor (1.6GHz, 6MB L3 Cache) with Turbo Boost up to 2.8 GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 System Memory
  • 500GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 230M
  • 18.4" diagonal High Definition HP Ultra BrightView Infinity Display (1920x1080p)
  • SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support
  • Webcam + Fingerprint Reader
  • Intel Wireless-N Card
  • 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

Halo Legos!
Posted December 29, 2009, 8:39 pm by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life

My son got overly excited on Christmas Eve unwrapping his present for the night – a Halo Wars Mega Bloks set.

The Return Of Dirty Dave
Posted October 31, 2009, 2:19 pm by Steve
Categories: Video Games, Life

A couple years back my friends and I spent countless hours playing a racing simulation game called Forza 2. Note this is a racing simulator, not an arcade game, so you drive like you would your own car in real life. Well back then my good old friend, Dave, liked to play dirty by using his opponents (us) to slow down his car around corners. This damage not only impacted the performance of our cars, but also sent his innocent victims spinning out crashing into the wall while he sped off to the finish line. Dirty strategy if you ask me! Well Forza 3 just came out. The clip below showcases our first race (I’m the orange Audi TT, Dave the white car). What makes this special, or disturbing really, is not only was this our first race in a couple years, but also the first corner of the first lap! Dave wastes no time returning to Dirty Dave!

Another Fett Will Be Mine!
Can you really put a price on snagging quality Action Figures? As always, I recommend hooking ASAP whenever a new dude is found. This course of action however can prove to be...a bit unsettling on the homefront from time to time :)
Posted July 9, 2007, 2:30 pm by Chad