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Another Fett Will Be Mine!
Posted April 6, 2007, 3:29 pm by Steve
Categories: Life, Action Figures
With Boba in the queue, I couldn't resist getting his dad, Jango. Fortunately, I have an allowance that grants me guilt-free purchases. With the timely matter of Jango Fett's release date being Q3 2007, it allows the savings account to become a little extra padded with allowance deposits. Thus, by the time of shipping, enough should be saved to pay for this 1:6 scale action figure by Medicom.

However, there is a financial concern at the moment. With the recent over saturated releases of must-buy action figures available for pre-order, one must get them immediately (normally the day of pre-order start date) or face one of two possible situations. 1) Paying way too much on eBay for it or 2) not getting it at all. The pre-order queue that is currently unpaid is now up to 4+ months worth of allowance. If additional must-buys are not announced any time soon (say, the next 4 months) then the financial concern shall become a non-issue.

Enough with the issues, lets check out some images!

With A Slip Of The Mouse
Posted April 5, 2007, 2:53 pm by Steve
Categories: Action Figures

My mouse slipped the other day while browsing an online merchant resulting in receiving an e-mail confirmation. Interesting enough, I decided to study the e-mail. It read as a purchase confirmation for a toy. A bit more research revealed it to be a toy of the action figure nature. This lead me to conduct a systematic search to acquire full knowledge of this unintentional message. The purchase order read one times a Hot Toys Aliens Drake 12-inch Fully Poseable Model Kit.

Considering additional figures in this series are already in personal possession and on display, I figured it to be best to learn from my mistake and pay for my slip-up. Fortunately, purchase price was $20 below retail for this involuntary mouse click. The online retailer will gain financially from my fault while my game room will lose a bit more real estate to house said action figure.

My First 1:6 Scale Bust
Posted April 4, 2007, 3:06 pm by Steve
Categories: Action Figures

I broke down and ordered my first 1:6 bust. My new HDTV stand has empty spaces that really need some content for display. So I figured what better then a Star Wars bust of Darth Maul! There is only 8 inches to work with so 12 inch action figures would not work in this area.

Major Music Releases This Month
Posted April 3, 2007, 8:44 pm by Steve
Categories: Music
Man, this is one major music release month! The new Machine Head is already out and I'm enjoying pretty much all the tracks. Some are long spanning 8+ minutes! Sometimes that's cool, other times I prefer standard 4 minute songs. Honestly, this is my first Machine Head CD. When I remembered to look for their older releases at the local stores they were always out. Eventually I gave up (or just always forgot to look) until this new one came out. My friend, Rick, turned me on to them. Today I picked up the new Chevelle which has really impressed me. It sounds like a natural extension of their break-through album (I didn't care for the follow-up nor do I have their debut Point #1). Full of emotion, heavy riffs, a mix of tempos and great vocal efforts. Also, the new Shadows Fall dropped today. Next week we have From Autumn To Ashes and the debut from Hell Yeah (or Heck Yes as I like to call them ;-). End of last month had a killer release from Chimaira too! Overall, it's a great month to be a fan of heavier music!
Another Fett Will Be Mine!
Can you really put a price on snagging quality Action Figures? As always, I recommend hooking ASAP whenever a new dude is found. This course of action however can prove to be...a bit unsettling on the homefront from time to time :)
Posted July 9, 2007, 2:30 pm by Chad