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Iíve always wanted a 12 inch Stormtrooper action figure. Not only was I fortunate enough to finally get one, but it was a Star Wars 30th Anniversary Exclusive Sandtrooper! Medicom produced only 1,000 pieces for the US market (distributed via Sideshow Toys). This figure is highly articulated and very film accurate. It comes with a set of interchangeable hands and custom display stand. The weathered armor and blaster are top highlights of this piece.

I have issues regarding toy collecting, I admit it. My wife claims they are major issues, but at least she lets me hook guilt-free from time to time with a brand new toy. I've always been into toys, obviously as a kid, but also an adult. I guess now the toys are just more expensive. Video games being $60 a pop now and action figures can easily run $100 each, if not more. If I find one I really want cheaper then that it feels like a steal!

There is just something about opening the packaging and experiencing the toy for the first time. Whether itís a CD flowing through my car audio system as I leave Best Buy or the months, sometimes year, anticipation of the must-have-video-game-of-the-year as I dart home after standing in line for 2 hours at the midnight launch, itís a special feeling hard to match. My Mom said as a young kid Iíd spend hours laying in front of the Christmas tree gazing at my presents dreaming of the future event of unwrapping them.

There are other items I like to collect currently unlisted here. Theyíre on hold until my kids are a bit older, or as the wife says 'out of the house'. I have quite the collection of fantasy and Asian bladed weapons. All are in storage for now, however.

Red Harvest
Halo 4 Limited Edition
Xbox 360
Skid Row
Slave To The Grind
Predator Elder (Japanese Exclusive)
Hot Toys
Gears Of War 2 Limited Edition
Xbox 360