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Thanks for visiting my site. I am a toy collector, plain and simple. The goal here is to showcase these toys while posting news and random thoughts in hopes of inspiration, informing my visitors, stating my opinions or even just getting a point across. This site was built 100% by me from scratch. I designed the front-end, back-end and did the integration in my spare time (Iím a family man with 3 young kids so spare time is very hard to come by). It took me about 2 months. I also host the site.

Iím a technology nerd. I love the merging of technologies in the living room making the 10 foot experience a combination of TV, movies, photos, music, recorded programming and next generation video games. Being able to have easy access to everything digital, messaging and video chats through one device (or a combination of devices and extenders, really) on a HDTV with 5.1 sound wirelessly is amazing! Iím very excited to see where this blending of hardware, software and services goes in the years to come.

I have a great and supportive family. My wife is the queen of eBay and also likes casual gaming. Sheís a homemaker and keeps plenty busy with our house in Southern California and 3 kids. Like their Dad, my kids are all into video games, movies and toys. My wife claims she really has 4 kids with one close to her age. We spend a lot of time together as a family. We see most of the kid-friendly movies at the theater, go to the beach, have family BBQs, wash the cars together, we help each other maintain the lawn and planters and visit theme parks as much as possible.

Like most people, my spare time is very limited. In order to play a mature video game or watch a PG-13 or R rated movie I normally stay up past my bedtime resulting in being worthless the next day due to lack of sleep. But, itís worth it. I can get away with a family friendly video game or movie since the kids like to gather around watching while I constantly remind them "donít step in front of the TV".

Finally, I feel fortunate that my career is also a hobby of mine. I work in the entertainment industry offering software, network technology and creative services to our customers (all the major movie studios). I started over a decade ago doing mostly graphic design and some programming. I worked my way up through the years to a Director and have no plans to slow down any time soon. I have a wide and ever expanding vision of services and business development plans. I love what I do for a living.

If you have any questions or just want to talk, please send me an e-mail.

"It's not that I love money, it's the cool stuff I can get with it."
Name: Steve Conard

Birthyear: 1971

Born In: San Diego, CA

Current Location: Los Angeles area, CA

Also Lived In: San Diego, CA; St. Joseph, MO; Kansas City, MO

Education: Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design (MWSU)

Career: Director of Interactive Solutions at Deluxe (Burbank, CA)

What I Like: Toys, design, movies (mostly nerdy sci-fi), music (mostly rock, and on the heavier side of the genre), technology, video games, beach, family time, vacations

What I Dislike: When people chew with their mouth open, closed minds, poor customer service, when things don't work for no reason, being sniped on eBay

Pride & Joys:
  • My wife, Erin
  • My son, Justin
  • My twins, Jacob and Hannah Jane
  • Dell Inspiron E1705 running Windows Vista
  • My video game and home theater room
  • Samsung HDTV (game room)
  • Sony HDTV (living room)
  • 5.1 Sony AV system
  • Xbox 360
  • My action figure, movie, music and video game collection
  • Our home