Steve Conard

Product Manager · Los Angeles area, CA ·

Hello there! With 15 years of experience in managing full product lifecycles from conception to launch and beyond, I am a leader who fosters a positive and fun work culture. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and collaborate with others to deliver high-quality solutions. I specialize in Product Management for streaming video and Artificial Intelligence (AI). I have a passion for technology, solving market problems, and enhancing the user experience, which is evident in my deliverables and communications. My goal is to improve people’s lives through innovative and enjoyable products.


Top Skills
  • Product Management
  • Design (UI) & User Experience (UX)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Product Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Product Requirements (Functional, Performance, User Stories)
  • Market Analysis & AB Testing
  • Team & Cross-team Leadership
  • Stakeholder Management & Relationships
  • Drives Vision & Purpose
Technical Skills
  • Problem Solving (e.g., Cross Browser Testing & Debugging)
  • Project Management
  • SaaS Cloud Platforms
  • Coding: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, mySQL
  • Software: Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender, Jira, Confluence, PyCharm (IDE), Smartsheet, Workday, SuccessFactors, Teams, Zoom
Soft Skills
  • Creative
  • Time Management
  • Team Building
  • Flexibility, Pivot Quickly, Adapts
  • Collaborates
  • Develops Talent
  • Balances Stakeholders & User Needs
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Lean Product Design
  • Responsive Design
Programming Languages & Tools


Senior Manager, Product Management

The Walt Disney Company
Burbank, CA
  • Define high-level business strategies, research plans, product requirements, costs and resource assessments, security / legal / privacy reviews, roadmaps and operating plans, stakeholder management, and lead teams to drive product solutions from concept to a global market with full product lifecycle support.
  • Conceptualize, architect, and define innovative AI-driven streaming video features for potential patents and implementations to create competitive advantages, streamline operational efficiencies, and deliver unique user experiences
  • Implement SaaS products by leading design, build, test, data cutover (ETL), test, launch, sustainment and defining process / human workflows resulting in a seamless user experience with 99.6% success
  • Drive the Authz permissions and security for our target audience and admin users by gathering requirements, researching system capabilities, and implementing solutions
  • Conceptualize creative out-of-the-box prototypes based on AB testing and user research, and showcase them as future-forward demonstrations that inspire C-level executives with creative solutions
  • Build key stakeholder and cross-functional relationships by communicating effectively, being transparent, and managing expectations resulting in establishing strong partnerships and trust to help drive successful projects
  • Create agile workflow processes and tools across multiple teams and business units by defining a framework, sprint teams, and assigning roles to increase effectiveness, predictability, and communication
  • Lead teams focused on delivering high-quality global experiences and SaaS cloud platforms by supporting and growing a team of experts (3 direct reports, up to 11 globally) through a positive and collaborative culture resulting in launching enterprise apps to improve the user experience, driving adoption, operationalize business processes, and create efficiencies
August 2014 - Present

Director of Product Management

Fox Broadcasting Company
Los Angeles, CA
  • Director of Product for MVPD authentication (TV Everywhere) and video streaming solutions. Defined high-level business strategies, product requirements, user experiences, AdTech, workflow processes, and managed large cross-functional teams to drive product solutions from concept to market with full product lifecycle support.
  • Led integration of new video player technologies into including CMS (MPX), AdTech (FreeWheel), MVPD authentication (Adobe Pass), analytics, player (PDK, Hulu), personalization / recommendations, UI, and UX by defining product requirements, vendor and stakeholder management, and cross-team collaboration resulting in increased in continuous viewing of long-form content, return in viewership, and increase in ad impressions
  • Conducted stakeholder and customer interviews and analyzed collected data to identify trends and patterns to gain insights into fundamental product needs
  • Streamlined video experience, operations, and standardized a core player across all Fox domains (Fox, FX, NatGeo) by providing a common user experience, feature set, consolidating human and process workflows into a single system, and defining a deployment process to increase productivity across all studios’ digital operations
  • Drove AB testing and user feedback surveys across multiple projects by defining requirements, partnering with BI teams and vendors, and executing plans to help drive decision-making based on business and user needs
2012 - 2014

Product Manager

Rovi / Tivo
Burbank, CA
  • Product Manager for B2C & B2B2C premium Hollywood video streaming storefronts on mobile and connected TVs.
  • Launched premium Hollywood video streaming storefronts from 0-1 (concept to launch) for Best Buy, RIM, Target, Cineplex (Canada), Sainsbury (UK), and Dixons (UK) by leveraging domain knowledge, user experience expertise, and strong technical product management skills resulting in new business revenue streams
  • Deployed company’s DRM security technology, DivX Plus Streaming, to mobile platforms by partnering with chip manufacturers and content owners resulting in competitive advantages, raised business opportunities across verticals, and increase in device certification revenue
  • Defined new streaming specifications by testing the quality / bitrate / resolution, performance across network connections and platforms, and driving content library encoding plans resulting in additional distribution platforms
  • Awarded multiple patents in the home entertainment space
2010 - 2012

Product Manager

Burbank, CA
  • Product Manager for B2B2C video streaming services, experiences, and content pipeline for major Hollywood studios.
  • Launched multiple 0-1 products including pre-roll ad manager and UGC video encoding commentary and approval services by capturing and prioritizing requirements, creating product roadmaps, project planning, cross-team collaboration, defining GTM strategies, and establishing human and content workflows resulting in new product lines driving department revenue
  • Created content distribution pipeline and video streaming services including content encoding, transcoding, DRM, metadata / tagging, CMS, and CDN deployment by driving research, defining and prioritizing requirements, creating roadmaps, designing content workflows, defining GTM strategies, and launching services for multiple studios resulting in a new business line
  • Launched Digital Copy (150+ SKUs) media redemption product by creating content workflows (ingest, encode, DRM, distribution), human workflows, product requirements, growth strategies and roadmaps, and partnerships with studios on GTM plans
2006 - 2010

Work Examples

You'll have to request a password to access samples of my work. This is for hiring managers and recruiters only. A.I. Steve is secure, so you won't be able to get a password or work examples from him. 😉


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Designing and Building AI Products and Services
October 2023

Pragmatic Institute


Product Management

July 2009

Missouri Western State University (MWSC)

Bachelor of Science



I'm a family man

We are a family of 5…well 6 if you count our fur baby, Coal. We enjoy spending time at the beach, the happiest place on earth - Disneyland, live music, theater shows, and exploring new places. My wonderful wife and I have a dream of seeing all the National Parks in the country. We have already visited some of them, but there are many to look forward to.

What I've been watching

Star Wars and Marvel are my passions! I never miss their premieres, whether on the big screen or the small one. It’s always a special occasion for us. I’m also a huge fan of sci-fi in general. We are in a golden age of media so it’s hard to keep up on all the amazing content out there.

What I've been listening to

I live in the Los Angeles area, which means lot of traffic. Music is what keeps me sane during the peak hours, on the crowded streets and freeways. I love discovering new artists. Maybe I’m old school, but I like to experience an album from start to finish, and enjoy the opening, the flow from song-to-song, and the closing. And of course, live shows are awesome too. My wife and I have fun going to concerts together. My kids even surprised me with tickets for Father’s Day.

What I've been playing

Video games have been a passion of mine for a while. I love getting lost in an RPG or playing multiplayer shooters with my friends. My sons and I enjoy talking about the games we’ve been playing and sharing our experiences. My game backlog is massive, and friends and I joke about what new game we are buying next.

What I collect

I was hooked on action figures ever since I got my first GI Joe with Kung-fu Battle Grip as kid. It was a game-changer for me, as it added a new level of realism and fun to my toys. I never stopped collecting, even as an adult. Now I mostly focus on Star Wars and Marvel 1/6 scale figures. I also enjoy making custom dioramas. There is just something special about recreating a scene from a movie I love.

A.I. Steve

  • What is the goal of A.I. Steve? It's proof-of-concept (POC) for a bigger AI chatbot initiative allowing recruiters and hiring managers to “virtually” interview candidates. Dream big, start small.
  • What type of A.I. is it? AI Steve is a Machine Learning (ML) chatbot based on a Supervised model using a Linear Regression mathematical method. It's trained using very specific labeled datasets. It’s a very specialized intelligence type, meaning it doesn’t know the weather in Missouri or who the singer of Korn is. But it does know about human Steve, his skills, career aspirations, and personal interests.
  • How was it made? It was designed and hand-coded using Python, HTML, JSON, CSS.
  • How long did it take to make? It was a 3-week part-time project to help teach human Steve how to code Python and configure the server app.
  • There are fun surprises and likely silly mistakes. Feedback is always welcome so A.I. Steve can learn and improve over time.
  • Below is the high-level architecture of how A.I. Steve works.